Proudly made in the USA, the Pred
Defender is the latest revolutionary
product in the firearms industry!
Anyone who owns the venerable
Remington 870, will want this
accessory! Great for home defense
and personal protection! Get your's
A limited quantity has been
received and is ready for shipment!
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Remington 870 is a trademark of Remington Arms, LLC

ATI is a registered trademark of ATI
Now for your Remington 870! Easy installation! All
hardware included! No modifications required to install.
Device can be removed easily!
* For use with 3" shells and with
after market pistol grip! Important,
for use with Remington 7 inch
fore-end or after market units that
do not extend over the receiver! Part
color and hardware may differ from
You may be asking what purpose
does the Pred Defender serve? The
answer is quite simple. The Pred
Defender securely stores an extra
shell in a key position that will
allow you to "get one" in the
chamber promptly should you run
your scattergun dry!

Why not stack as many odds in your
favor? Please watch the video to
see the Pred Defender in action!
Easy to install! No permanent modifications required! Comes with all appropriate
hardware and instructions!